Content Management Software

Give you the Control-of-your-Content!

  • Server that controls and manages all the screens
  • Is a web application accessed remotely by several users at the same time via a web browser
  • Manages content, scheduling and targeting of content onto each screen separately.
  • Remotely monitor, manage and fix issues on the screens.
  • No need to access the screen in almost 90% of the cases, can be fixed online remotely
  • All user access is controlled using roles, permissions and work groups
  • Front Desk users can access the system online, select templates and fill templates to create custom messages to go on the screens.


NUSYN helps you to overcome the hassles of sourcing and evaluating different vendors for screens and other hardware setup. We can provide the complete infrastructure to meet your digital signage objective.

Integration Services

You may not find a readily available solution in the market! When packaged solutions and software aren’t sufficient or flexible enough for your enterprise, NUSYN can custom-build to your specifications – efficiently and deliver on its promise of certainty. We have numerous application developed to suit varied industry and customer need.

Content Design

NUSYN designs and develop industry-tailored content with a considered approach that focuses on the needs of the user. Strong standards for content design, together with a collaborative approach, drive the way we develop application interfaces which look professional, are effective and set high standards for navigation design and usability.


NUSYN offers a range of flexible application hosting and IT support services – including server procurement, installation and management. We also provide customer service facilities like content design, scheduling & updation.

Turnkey Project Management

NUSYSN provides total project solutions from concept to completion. Drawing from the strength of our highly skilled designers and experienced engineers, NUSYN provides concept design and total project management till training. The Advantage is to protect our clients from the consequences of sourcing vendors for each component, which are often the cause for considerable time delays and lead to cost increases. At NUSYN, we focus on delivering exceptional customer-focused digital signage solutions through a meticulous and thorough project delivery system by understanding clients’ need in meeting their ROI.