NUSYN’s solution enables customers to get in touch with the right people, at the right time, with the right message. It helps organizations achieve real business goals: increase revenue, reduce cost, build brand awareness, enhance employee productivity, and improve customer loyalty. Though some digital signage software offerings cater to specific verticals, part of the magic to NUSYN’s platform is that it can be employed almost anywhere. Here we have listed several set of benefits that each industry gains through digital signage implementation.


passengers in control

  • Flight Information Display Systems
  • Allocation of check-ins, gates and baggage belts
  • Appropriate for small and medium sized airports
  • Advertising & Promotion
  • Way finding information
  • Emergency evacuation instructions

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auto showroom

  • Multiple Digital Service Menus
  • Customer Lounge TV
  • Touch Screen Kiosks - Tyres Inventory, Accessories, Brochures & More
  • Service Appointment Signs
  • Sales Leaderboards
  • Showroom Architectural Videowalls

Create a platform
for Customer Engagement

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Banking & Financial Services

connecting with
the customer

  • Share information on existing products, services and benefits
  • Launch new product and services to influence your captive audience
  • Improve time-to-market by sharing localized and customized information
  • Share real-time updates like announcements and rate changes
  • Ensure consistent communication across your branch

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Corporate communications

  • Break through clutter and email overload with visually engaging digital displays
  • Reinforce the brand – including vision and mission statements, goals and objectives
  • Increase employee engagement, morale and participation in company initiatives
  • Reduce workplace accidents
  • Reinforce emergency plans and actions
  • Display productivity achievements and goals in real time
  • Promote key messages, sales figures, KPIs
  • Provide wayfinding, virtual maps and other navigational tools
  • Avoid conference and meeting room scheduling confusion
  • Decrease printing costs
  • Pre-program messages to change content by location, time or day part
  • Tailor each screen with information specific to its audience

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Deliver real-time communications

to students, faculty, and staff

  • Promote events and campaigns on college and school campuses
  • Make notice boards dynamic to share information among students and visiting parents
  • Broadcast emergency notification
  • Ensure consistent communication across your centers
  • Act as an aid for instruction
  • Gain easy advertising revenue
  • Foster creativity among students by displaying creatives developed by students

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Add Glitz
to your Showbiz

  • Movie theatres can showcase previews, show times, advertising, etc
  • Large sports arena can use high resolution video platforms throughout their venues to broadcast scores and highlights
  • Venues like bowling alleys and skating rinks can broadcast targeted messages and advertisements to customers

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  • Relieve patients anxiety with 'what to expect' messages
  • Helps shorten perceived wait times through entertainment & wellness information
  • Medium for patient education
  • A successful wayfinding solution can help to greatly reduce patient tardiness or missed appointments
  • Recognize employees on large screens
  • Associate with employees for interactive training sessions
  • Send Timely Alerts & Information to Staff
  • Self-service kiosks helps hospitals streamline wait times and improve the capacity to service a greater number of patients and deliver better experience
  • Digital signage solutions can replace the typical whiteboards found in areas such as nursing stations, emergency and operating rooms, improving the overall coordination of care
  • Encourage patients to use other services
  • Boost the hospital’s brand as a patient-friendly facility, a now common trait among the most desired hospitals

power up your patient
engagement strategy

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Quick Service Restaurants


  • Digital menu boards can swiftly lead consumers through ordering steps that directly impact & increase ROI
  • By featuring high margin and easier to build menu items, you'll sell more combo meals and add-ons
  • Suggestions for impulse purchases enable increase particular menu sales
  • Additional revenue gain through paid advertisements
  • Centralised & Remote control of all chain locations
  • Customers experience shorter perceived wait times and an enhanced dining experience
  • Consistent content across all stores can provide the customer with a singular brand experience & recognition

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  • Bring your store’s design to life with an enticing digital display of almost any shape and size
  • Promote new products, offers and sales using in-store screens
  • Reach customers at the point of sale
  • Upsell new high-value items
  • Promote hard-to-move items aiding on shoppers’ impulse purchase behaviour
  • Draw foot traffic inside via store-window-displays or architectural-walls
  • Build brand awareness for the long term
  • Centralised & easy content control – ‘suits businesses’ with multiple stores
  • The same can be used as information boards & training kiosk for your staff, before & after store open hours

going digital

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Making Every
Glance Count

  • Way finding and location directions at bus & train stations
  • Arrival / departure scheduling information
  • Service Status and Announcements inside buses or trains
  • Emergency / Evacuation & security information
  • Service Queuing system at depots

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Other Industries

Businesses today need to inform, persuade, and engage their customers. More and more businesses choose digital signage for a dynamic, efficient way to do so. NUSYN has provided large-scale interactive digital signage solutions for many customers in many other industries - like Hospitality, Manufacturing, Public Sector, Telecom, etc.

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