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Digital Signage with Nusyn

Unprecedented flexibility, efficiency, integration and manageability for running digital screens.

Nusyn Digital Solutions has become a Google Chrome Technology Partner, aiding businesses to utilize Chrome technology for professional digital signage solutions.The Google Partner Program is for businesses that create products that complement, enhance, or extend the reach / functionality of Google products.


For most businesses, large HD displays were prohibitively expensive but today more screens are available at more cost points. 

Content Distribution

No more running around with a USB drive for updating displays! Cloud based management tools allow easy scheduling and content distribution. 


Digital signage hardware was often specialized and PC-based. There is now a growing choice of alternative, reliable platforms to meet most budgets.


Solid-state components and fanless devices boost reliability even in tough environments.

Two copies of the OS provide full redundancy and ensure proper bootup.

If power is lost and later resumed, Chrome devices automatically power up again..

Continuous updates, verified boot, sandboxing and encrypted storage.

Cost Effective

Chrome is designed to perform great on all levels of hardware, even very low cost.

The simplicity of deployment and managing chrome devices provides a very low TCO

Google does not charge for ChromeOS, minimizing the overall price per device.


Manage thousands of devices from one console, regardless of manufacturer or supplier.

Pre-install apps, set apps to launch on boot and set policies like network configurations.

Monitor key metrics like CPU load and storage utilization plus get issue alerts.

Troubleshoot devices remotely with screen grabs and forced remote device reboot.


Chrome devices support any HTML5 compliant application, including content tools.

Many major OEMs are making Chrome devices

Chrome devices support a wide range of USB, bluetooth and RJ50 peripherals.


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